We provide hockey instruction and powerskating to male and female players in the Northumberland/Durham area. We take pride in our smaller class sizes, our quality instructors, and our excellent blend of powerskating development and hockey skill development. We will optimize player's ability to ensure they are ready for the upcoming season.

Individual and Small Group Training

Within this format we ask that a group contact organizes their group of players for the sessions in which we can create custom programming around the groups needs- the typical group size we will recommend is 4-6 players but can accommodate larger or smaller groups when desired.

Contact DHP by email to book directly.


Powerskating and Skill Development Programs

Skating is the most important fundamental of the game of hockey and we offer technical skating drills and movements while incorporating game simulate drills which also incorporate shooting and puck skills.

We pride ourselves on skill development by integrating drills which utilize the necessary fundamentals of hockey - skating, shooting and puck skills.

Our Programs are customized to advance and align skills necessary for effective execution of position specific demands in a game situations. Programming focuses on individualized techniques and needs in and out of players competitive seasons.


Team Training Session

The DHP Team Training sessions are focused are designed to further advance the physical and mental aspects of each individual player based on position, level and hockey specific demands, through on ice training.

During a DHP team experience, athletes will seek to hone, refine, and master various skill sets within their game. 


Body Checking Clinic

DHP is the best choice for forwards and defensemen to learn and enhance their ability to play physically, using body contact/position to gain a competitive advantage over the opponent.

During this clinic, players will learn all of the proper techniques of receiving and delivering body checks, individual tactics of using the body in all three zones, and checking in defensive and offensive plays. Battling and competing in hockey incorporates body contact, puck protection, effective stick work, and proper angling.